Application Checklist: 

Please send the following items with your application. Photocopies or scanned copies via email are acceptable.

Please do not send us original documents. 

We must have the following items in order to assess your application: 

  • Application Form - A fully completed and signed application form. 
  • Immigration Status - Copy of documentation stating your current immigration status. 
  • Prior Training/Education - Copies of translated education certificates or assessments. If you don't have these, don't panic, please just let us know on your application form.
  • CV - Include any relevant work experience. 
  • Proof of current income - For example, payslip, income support/child support confirmation. Please also include proof of income for other members of your household who contribute towards your expenses. 
  • At least one reference - Please let your references know RefuAid will be contacting them. Your loan will not be approved until we've spoken to them. When we speak to your references, they will know that you have applied for a RefuAid: Equal Access Loan.

If possible, please send your application form and checklist documents in a single email.